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The Historical Society of the Merricks is active in
preserving the history of our local area. We have
an extensive collection of donated items that is
house in the original library wing building, a landmark
in its own rite.

As we work to preserve our collection and prepare
it for all to enjoy, we also are embracing the digital
age and utilizing online resources to share. We look
forward to hearing from you and hearing your stories.
Feel free to share on our Facebook page or email us at merrickhistory@gmail.com.

Members of the Historical Society of the Merricks
are available for speaking engagements, classroom
presentations and assistance with community projects,
please contact us for more information.

Over the last 35-plus years our most successful
accomplishments include:

• Annual July 4th public reading of the Declaration of Independence. This is a community-wide, free event
where all attendees, adult and children, are invited to
read a line aloud.

Bus Tours of historic sites. These proved so popular that
at one point, four separate busloads of visitors were being accommodated on a single day.

• Expert speakers on such topics as Aviation on Long Island;
Oral Histories of Resident Merokians; Tastings of Colonial
Cooking; Merrick’s Thriving Whaling Industry; Local
Maritime History; and The Rise of Main Street
on Long Island.

Bonnie Haime Skyfield House

Above is the Bonnie Haime Skyfield House, one of the famed Merrick landmarks now gone.

Photos on this site are from the Historical Society of the Merricks collection and Merrick Life newspaper, unless otherwise noted.