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The Historical Society of the Merricks (HSM)
is dedicated to actively preserving Merrick’s
fascinating past and supporting our community by
enriching its present. You can be an integral part
of that development.

Since our inception in 1975, the HSM has been at the
forefront of providing a deeper knowledge and
understanding of the history of our town and
the surrounding area.

We sincerely believe that only through understanding
and appreciating our past, are we able to enhance and
value our own wonderful community and its
unique character.

To that end, we have striven to make Merrick’s history
“come alive” through interactive events and interesting
, making our history a tangible and seamless
part of our present.

The Historical Society is now expanding its membership
and strongly encourages all history lovers to join and
participate in our growth!

Merrick celebrates Brotherhood

Above are Merokians Caso, Laufner and Tenant recognizing Merrick as the Town of Brotherhood.

Photos on this site are from the Historical Society of the Merricks collection and Merrick Life newspaper, unless otherwise noted.