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The 2012 BUS TOUR is on WEDNESDAY, JULY 4th after the
annual reading of the Declaration Independence.

There are approximately 36 historical sites in the Merricks, these free tours are being sponsored by the HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF THE MERRICKS.

On these tours we see sites of our early inhabitants, our Native Americans known as “Indians”. We will learn about the Algonquin Nation and the Merokee tribe and their leader Chief Tackapusha.

We’ll also learn about our early settlers who came from England in the 1640’s and their dealings with both the Dutch government of New Amsterdam and the British government of New York, Peter Stuyvesant having surrendered to the British in 1664.

Some of the things we will see and learn about will be the history of our schools and libraries; and the amazing story of the Methodist Church and their establishment of the “campgrounds”.

We’ll explain the role that the body of water that runs through Merrick known as the “Meadowbrook” played in our early history. It nourished the early inhabitants, the Native Americans and the early settlers, the English. It also helped establish the dairy and farming, and early industrial history of Merrick. That body of water was once a rapidly moving body capable of powering many kinds of mills.

We in Merrick had the honor of George Washington making an inspection tour which included Merrick and a stop off at the Hewletts on Merrick Road.

This is just of sample of what you will see and learn. The tour is led by Jerry Medowar and run during the year. You can contact the tour guide at judgejerry@optonline.net or at 623-6739.


Stay tuned for more events and happenings.

In 2009, the Historical Society hosted a bus tour of the Merricks, click here to see parts of the tour narrated by Jerry Medowar.

Above, circa 1924 the North Merrick Fire House on Camp Ave.