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2015 - The Annual Reading of the Declaration of Independence by the Historical Society of the Merricks
will take place at 10 a.m. on SATURDAY, JULY 4, 2015
at the gazebo located just north of the railroad tracks and west of Merrick Avenue in Merrick.

Participants will be given an opportunity to read a line
from the actual Declaration.

Since the Merricks were started in 1643 it is safe to assume that the reading of the Declaration of Independence is a rich tradition that dates back to the earliest days of our nation.

We can imagine the quiet of the day paying some mind to the clanging sound of the metal ring being struck by the blacksmith’s iron bar to alert all that something important was to be shared. They gathered and had the document read to them.

Whether it was on the Fourth of July or soon after, the colonists heard the magic words that were about to set them on a new course.

We reconstruct that reading here in the Merricks on our own yearly July Fourth celebration when we gather at the Merrick Gazebo.

The event is open to everyone, from every where, to spend an hour with their “countrymen” to again revel in ringing words of Thomas Jefferson. He was justly proud of this accomplishment, for he ordered that on his tombstone the legend, “Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of Independence,” be the first inscription.

In 2009, the Historical Society hosted a bus tour of the Merricks, click here to see parts of the tour narrated by Jerry Medowar.


Stay tuned for more events and happenings.

September 2009 - The Historical Society hosts a Tea Party.
Click for photos.


Above, members of the Society and the community from the 2011 reading event, compliments of © Ann Parry.